Cpanel/Webmail Login – IP Address has Changed! – How to login through Dynamic IP Internet Connections

Just like the title above happens if you login to the Cpanel / Webmail using Internet connections that have a dynamic IP. Dynamic IP is the IP numbers that change itself is happening on the ISP (Internet Service Provider). Usually the GSM modem based ISP.

Cpanel/Webmail Login - IP Address has Changed!
Cpanel/Webmail Login – IP Address has Changed!

On Cpanel / Webmail, this message will appear “IP Address has changed!” and if in the Cpanel you click the other menu, it will ask you for login again with the same message.
This is the solution, just install CpanelProxy, this is step by step CpanelProxy installation:


  1. Please download cPanelProxy.
  2. Then log into your cpanel and create a new subdomain with cpanelname. But use your other Connection that has static IP (Internet Cafe or anything that using Static IP Connection).
  3. After subdomain formed then please upload all the files in the folder cpanelproxy into the cpanel folder (can be via ftp or cpanel file manager). File in the Cpanelproxy folder is htaccess, php.ini and cpanelproxy.php
  4. Once completed, you can access cpanel with dynamic IP. This is how to access it via and no longer in

For Webmail:
  1. Please create a subdomain: webmail in Cpanel.
  2. Upload the contents of file cpanelproxy into the webmail folder.
  3. Access webmail via:
Now you are no longer having trouble to login your Cpanel