Facebook Comments: “Warning: http://web.address.here is unreachable”

With all the changes that Facebook is making, it’s more important than ever to get your application settings correct in order to get your fan page working correctly or ensure that your Facebook social plugins work just right.

Recently, we’ve been getting some emails about the Facebook Comments plugin showing an error “Warning: URL is unreachable“. There’s an easy fix to this, and we’ll show you how…

1- Go to http://developers.facebook.com and from the top menu, click Apps
2- On the left side of the page select the App you want to edit
3- Then on the right side of the page locate and click Edit Settings
4- Under Basic Info section, locate “App Domain” and insert the exact base domain for your site (for example, for www.fanpageconnect.com, you’d just use fanpageconnect.com).
5- Now locate “Site URL” under the Website section and put in there the exact URL of your site (for example: http://www.your-site.com). If your site is using other subdomains other than “www” make sure to 6- Click Apply Settings and give it a few minutes – it should be fixed!