Magento 1.7 Upgrade Errors with Solutions

Magento 1.7 Upgrade Errors with Solutions
Magento 1.7 Upgrade Errors with Solutions

Upgrading Magento sometimes becomes very tedious. You may receive errors like 500 internal error, getAlloptions(), two navigation bars, Reindex error, “CONNECT ERROR: Package ‘Mage_All_Latest’ is invalid” etc. while upgrading to 1.7 version. In this blog we have shared some errors of magento 1.7 upgrade with their solutions.

Error: Fatal error: Call to a member function getAllOptions() on a non-object in /var/www/html/magento/app/code/core/Mage/Core/Model/Cache.php on line 455
1) Uncomment line 198 in app/Mage.php:

//self::$_appRoot = null;

which is called by app/code/core/Mage/Core/Model/Config/Options.php at line 54:

$appRoot= Mage::getRoot();

2)Also reinstall latest AITOC extensions.

Error: Double navigation bar

This error may occur while upgrading from 1.6 to 1.7. The reason for such error is that some XMLs have been removed. So you need to make some changes in your XML files. To solve this error, please follow these steps:

1- Move top.phtml from:

2- Also rename the above file to topmenu.phtml
3- Now Move following from app/design/frontend/default/mytheme/layout/catalog.xml:

<reference name="">
    <block type="catalog/navigation" name="catalog.topnav" template="catalog/navigation/top.phtml"/>

In to app/design/frontend/default/mytheme/layout/page.xml under:

<block type="page/html_header" name="header" as="header">
    <block type="page/template_links" name="top.links" as="topLinks"/>
    <block type="page/switch" name="store_language" as="store_language" template="page/switch/languages.phtml"/>

4- Also add following code:

<block type="core/text_list" name="" as="topMenu" translate="label">
    <label>Navigation Bar</label>
    <block type="page/html_topmenu" name="catalog.topnav" template="page/html/topmenu.phtml"/>

Error: Reindex error : “cannot initialize the indexer process.”

Sometimes after upgrade, you might get error while reindexing. To solve such issue, you need to clear cache after upgrade: rm -rf var/cache/* downloader/pearlib/cache/* downloader/pearlib/download/*

Also empty the catalog_product_flat_1 table.

Error: Service Temporarily Unavailable The server is temporarily unable to service your request”


You can fix it by deleting the “maintenance.flag” file in the root of your magento installation directory.

Error: “500 Internal Server Error”.

This error generally occurs due to file and folder permissions. Follow these steps:

a) CHMOD 755 the following:

- magento/index.php
- magento/downloader/
- magento/js/*

b) Login to Magento and clear your cache

Error: “CONNECT ERROR: Package ‘Mage_All_Latest’ is invalid”

This error might occur while upgrading via connect manager, here is the solution:

Edit downloaderlibMageConnectValidator.php

and remove following lines:

if (file_exists($dest)) {
 $this->addError("'{$file}' already exists");
 return false;