Structure & Extensions – Developer Guides for T3

The structure of the framework changed since the introduction of the JA Menu Parameters Plugin. Generally, the template is lighter and faster, core scripts are now hold inside JA T3 Framework Plugin.

The latest release of the JA T3 Framework 1.0 comes with JA Menu Parameters Plugin to solve all SEO related issues and also to make menu management easier.

JA T3 Framework 2.0 now incorporates this plugin to easily update the core files separately from your customized template design.
This documentation section is entirely about menu management and usage of the integrated plugin.
The new version introduces the new JA Typo Button Plugin to ease the work on editing special content.

Starting the JA T3 Framework 2.0 you will need to have:
JA T3 Framework Plugin
The core folder

* Template administration – these files manage the template administration panel with all scripts and back-end views.
* Device and browser detection scripts – these are the scripts to detect user device (desktop computer, mobile device) and user browser client.
* Menu system engines – these scripts power up all the menu systems T3 Framework use.
* Parameters and other core files – files to power the AJAX capabilities, caching, override features, and general parameters.

The base-themes folder

This is the folder to hold the core default template with default:

* blocks to hold all default blocks: IE6warning, header, footer, middle, etc;
* css to hold default Core CSS Framework of the template styling;
* html content components and modules override;
* etc to hold default layouts, themes and profiles;
* js to hold default template javascript files;
* page to hold layout generating scripts and others.

The sample-themes folder
This is to hold the sample template you will need for creating your own T3 Framework based template.
Coming soon..

T3 Framework 2.0 Based Template
The Default theme
The latest version of your JA T3 Framework 2.0 Template now incorporates the default layout, and this way it could work as a regular Joomla! template.

These files and folders hold the default theme of the template to override the core plugin base-themes styling. As you can see:

* can hold block overrides;
* styles the menu systems and general styling;
* holds own images;
* can override javascript code;
* it is recognized as a theme because of the info.xml file.
The T3 Framework Specific Files

The core folder holds:

* Template Core Layouts;
* Template Core Profiles;
* Template Core Themes;
* Template Core Themes Variations.

The local folder holds:

* User Created Layouts;
* User Created Profiles;
* User Created Themes Variations.

Other files

Folder and files information:

* the info folder holds template specific information;
* general template files (thumbnail, template details, favicon).

JA Typography Button Plugin
A new plugin to help editors to easily add special typography styles for special content.
In your favorite editor, you will notice a new button JA Typo.

Click this button to open the Typography selection window.

In this window, hover any of the styling and click to insert it in your content on the fly.