JA T3 Framework 2.0 Customization

For Designers, I recommended to start watching from 5:35

Override reminder

  1. files used in themes override the styling of the default design of the template and the core plugin.
  2. if a class is styled twice within a CSS file, the later values will be used.

Limits reminder

  1. you can create unlimited layouts with unlimited block configurations
  2. you can create unlimited profiles with unlimited template settings configurations
  3. you can create unlimited style classes for your XHTML, JAXHTML and JAROUNDED modules, just like the example in the Video 2
  4. you can use your own text color, background-color, border-color, logo, images and graphics to add an unique design to the template

Simplicity reminder

  1. don’t duplicate styling in your theme if the core plugin already use it
  2. use an order of the styling according to the elements’ order
  3. keep the styling simple and optimized so you can improve&update it in time

Comments reminder

  1. it is your custom theme now, so use your own comments for your styling & coding customizations

Updating reminder

  1. avoid altering core files, use whatever file, code or image within your own theme, this makes easy updating the template core files.